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Our products are used by :

Engineers (Instrument, Electrical, Civil, Mechanical, Chemical, Environmental),
Utilities, Manufacturers, Processors of food, petroleum and chemical products.

See below for info on Chiksan Swivel Joints
and FMC Hammer and Wing Unions

Chiksan Swivel Joint Styles

Style 10

Style 10
Three swivels with two elbows

Style 20

Style 20
Single swivel coupling

Style 30

Style 30
Single swivel with one elbow

Style 40

Style 40
Single swivel with two elbows

Style 50

Style 50
Two swivels with two elbows

Style 60

Style 60
Two swivels with one elbow

Style 70

Style 70
Two swivels with three elbows

Style 80

Style 80
Three swivels with three elbows

Chiksan swivel joints come in a range of standard materials, and sizes from 3/8" to 72 inches or more.
When ordering non- standard items, or items to be used in new applications, the following information can help us serve you better.

  1. size, pressure rating, product material and style
  2. type of fluid(s) to be handled
  3. operating temperature
  4. type of end connections to be mated with
  5. special material requirements
  6. special documentation requirements
  7. other application mechanical loads or movement

Contact us to discuss your standard or custom requirements, or to receive a brochure describing these joints.

FMC Hammer or Wing Unions

Hammer Unions, also called Wing Unions, are quick makeup and break-out pipe and fitting connectors that consist of a male sub with a spherical
sealing surface, a female sub with external acme threads, and a wing nut with internal acme threads to hold the components together.
A safety bulletin describing the general categories of hammer union connection and component mismatches is available from FMC.